Gift Promo: Trilli rattle + Carillon + Carousel


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The Gift Promo includes the bestseller item Nanan: the carousel of our giraffe Trillil! Equipped with four cuddly soft cotton chenille plush toys that create a musical circle, stimulating the baby's first perceptions. Applicable to the side of the cot, manually turning the appropriate key, the sweet melody is activated. In addition to the carousel you will find the sweet rattle of the giraffe Trilli, a soft and round plush with a fun rattle inside. Shaking the rattle with his hand, the baby activates the noises that stimulate his curiosity. Last but not least the beloved music box, a soft chenille plush; by pulling the small handle on the bottom, a sweet symphony is activated which will make the moment of sleep more relaxing and waking up more pleasant. Trillil is the ideal friend to sleep sweet dreams.

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Carousel: h 40cm, diam. radius 33cm; rattle 8cm; carillon 25cm

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