4 Piece - Light blue Puccio star Duvet set

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The Puccio Star duvet set is comprised of: Pillowcase, padded bumpers with rimovable covers, duvet with removable duvet cover. The duvet made of pure piquet cotton, has a removable cover making it easy to wash. This set is decorated with Puccio the bear on the headboard bumper and on the duvet cover. Amici di infanzia accompanies your child even whilst they sleep. Duvet: 130x150 cm; Pillowcase:40x58 cm; Bumpers: side: L63 x H50 - central L60 x H58

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100% Cotton 4Pcs: Duvet-Bed Bumper-Pillowcase-Duvet Cover / 3pcs: 100% C


Duvet: 130x150 cm; Pillowcase:40x58 cm; Side Bed Bumper side: L63*H50 -

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