Gift Card

How does it work?

Our Gift Card is a safe and original gift idea, the only idea to make sure that you give a really appreciated gift.
You decide the Gift Card total, along with the message that you want to send directly to the recipient.
You just have to follow the step by step procedure inserting : Name, surname and email address of the person you want to give the Gift
Card to, and they will receive the exclusive code for the total you decide to give them directly to their inbox.
If the purchase exceeds the total credit on the Gift Card, the difference can be paid via the accepted payment methods on the website.
Gift cards purchased online can only be used online and not in shops.


The accepted payment methods for Gift Card purchase are Credit card and Paypal.

The Gift Card is valid for 12 months andcan be used as many times as you wantuntil the credit it finished.

The gift card remains the responsibility of the recipient therefore the use and safeguarding is exclusively down to the cardholder. 

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