Lifetime Watch - Bronze Bezel

SKU: NAN0041

The lifetime watch has the function of a classic timepiece and in place of the hour markers there are the months. The nine months of pregnancy in which the watch will follow you, step by step until the most beautiful day of your life. the forty stars stand for the forty weeks of gestation. The stork, manually moved, represents the hand that will indicate the current month of your pregnancy. At the ninth month, you can remove the bear and engrave the initial or birth date of your baby; using it as a charm to apply to the bracelet included in the package. The lifetime watch will be delivered in its tin box accompanied by the tender Tato 8 cm. By purchasing this item you will receive a complimentary Tato 13cm sweet plush Also available in SILVER BEZEL

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Silver 925% - bronze bezel


Chain length 100 cm

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