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Come and join the exclusive Nanan Mumy Club and your 2023 will be full of surprises! As an honorary member of the Club, in fact, you are entitled to: - Discount of 10% on all items for the whole 2020 - Gift voucher of € 20,00 to be used immediately on your first purchase (Note: can not be combined with other offers) - you will receive at home the sweet Tato peluche signed Nanan for free together with the personal card that will testify your membership to Nanan Mumy Club, also valid in the boutique in Rome, Milan and Ravenna. - EXCLUSIVE invitation to all group's events with our godmothers, including Juliana Moreira, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Elena Santarelli and many other - premiere of the seasonal sales - completely personalized newsletters - VIP CARD valid for Boutique in Rome, Milan,e Ravenna. A unique opportunity that will allow you to become part of the Friends of Childhood world with all the advantages of a VIP !!! Puccio and Tato are waiting for you <3   REGULATION CAUTION: The card is nominal and personal, not transferable; in stores you will be asked for an ID card for the recognition; the discount is valid for the entire calendar year 2023 with no minimum purchase requirements and upon already discounted products but no more than 50%; the amount is not redeemable for cash. In case of loss of the card, send an email with your name, and the company will provide with a cost of € 15.00 the replacement card directly at home. It is barred from using the card only by the trio Nanan Momon and Nanan Bijou; The card can not be used with NO dealer Nanan but ONLY in the online store and flagship stores.

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